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Crafting Tomorrow's Digital

London-Based Senior Interactive Designer and Award-Winning Animator Bringing Wonder to the Web.


Trusted by Leading Brands and Agencies

Featured Projects



Partnered with Peanuts Studio and the wonderful Alina Fomi to create this magical explainer for Walnut, helping you easily deliver interactive software demos personalized for each prospect.

The Yes Men -The Action Switchboard

The Yes Men -The Action Switchboard

Directed an international team of creatives to create this animated short for activist duo The Yes Men and their new subversive initiative



Animated explainer created in partnership with Peanuts studio, this video offers a clear and concise overview of what Sweeps is all about.



Partnered with Peanuts Studio to create this slick explainer for Firedome, who are revolutionizing the future of IoT with built-in Endpoint Protection.

Homescape Logo

A meditative VR exploration of the dark landscapes of Israeli subconscious

Interactive Motion

Web Design and Development, Interactive Animation, UI elements, micro-interactions

Branding & Web Craft

Matilda Tonkin Wells

body based therapy

Branding & Web Craft


Trauma informed Dance Theatre Company

K Health

Worked with Peanuts Studio to created Lottie animations for

K Health to bring life to their app's welcome screen. K Health pair clinicians with advanced AI to provide data-driven, personalized care around the clock. Chat with your medical team today.


Created a Lottie animation for SiteAware website, visually presenting how their Build-to-Plan™ platform simplifies and enhances quality assurance of construction to eliminate costly rework.

The Build-to-Plan™ platform generates real-time intelligence that finds deviations between construction plans and fieldwork so that you can achieve first-time-quality, reduce risk, and enable a new level of productivity.


Together with fantastic motion artist Alina Fomin at Peanuts Studio, we defined the motion language for Payoneer's entire intricate onboarding flow.


Teamed up with Peanuts Studio to created this interactive Lottie animation for Ivory - Core capital markets platform for banks


Teamed with Peanuts Studio to create these interactive Lottie animations for Apiiro's app.

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