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In the last Three Days of the Steamer Salon Lab we all gathered in Wix headquarters in the beautiful port of Tel Aviv, for a full-power Hackathon.


Yeah, no time for shaving.

With 72 hours, true zeal, no knowledge in Unity or programming I had to turn those mysterious dreams into (virtual) reality. That's what you have amazing creative friends for no? With a lot of help from the amazing three - Shiri Blumenthal, Almog Melamed and Yinon Kuperstein (AKA MojoKid) - we created a working prototype for GearVR. Here are some snapshots:

I was really exhilarated seeing what we could accomplish in just three days of work! The ease in which I could compose the world: sculpting and texturing the terrain, using the Skybox and lighting to get the right atmosphere, and get that First Person Controller up and running in no time. I was falling in love with Unity fast. But that was only the beginning. Leaving Wix, Almog said he thinks I could actually do the whole programming myself. Coming from the founder of CaptainUp, that meant a lot. This was a turning point for me. I learned to believe in my abilities more than ever before.

and now the real work began!